How to embed behaviours quickly

Are you confident that you are maximising your return on your early talent development? We explore how embedding behaviours quickly can help you make the best possible use of your training budget.

Forming learning strategies and embedding behaviours: How we do it

What strategies do you use to advance your own career and support your wellbeing and happiness?

Looking back at your career, how effective have you been? What strategies have you used to advance your career and support your wellbeing and happiness? Have you been able to learn from your experiences in a productive and informed way?

Often our learning is vivid and consequential. It is still as real in our minds today as it was in the moment it happened. Sometimes our learning was joyous, unbelievable, new and exciting. Sometimes it may have been uncomfortable, imperfect, naive and unformed; yet on reflection, with the support of others and their coaching and guidance, like gold dust.

Remind yourself of when those learning moments happened. Do you feel satisfied with what you achieved? Or is it less convincing than that, with pitfalls and struggles attached, maybe even a failure or two along the way. When you replay those times remember what you took from them, and why they were important. What is the story and how does it affect your learning today?

  • Where did the learning take place?
  • Who was there, and why were they significant?
  • What was said or done?
  • How were you different from that moment?

Teaching others to learn

How will you create learning experiences that will be meaningful and long lasting for your early talent?

Take some time to reflect on such things as you make decisions about others and their formative learning experiences. The early talent that are entering your organisation today may be the future managers and directors you are looking for. How will you create learning experiences that will be meaningful and long lasting for them? How will you cultivate sustainable learning strategies in those you invest in?

Are you ready to offer your graduates and apprentices a learning journey that meets their need for novel and experiential content? Something that is tangible, and yet safe enough in which to make mistakes, and supportive enough to help them get back up when they fail?

At Outward Bound we aim to create a safe environment for learning on every programme, as we recognise that learning is most effective when individuals are given the skills to succeed and become competent; the autonomy to apply these skills in real and consequential situations; and the support of the wider team to understand what the outcomes mean for them as a person – both in the moment as well as in their future career and life.

Embed behaviours quickly, to develop the best possible early talent

Psychology has taught us a lot about how to embed behaviours through models of behavioural change. We know that traits (how we behave) are stable over time, and that our motives (such as our wishes and desires) are pliable. These motives often play out as long and short term goals.

Flow: The psychology of optimal experience shows us that when personal skill and challenge levels are engaged, we experience a psychological state that accelerates our learning. This enhances our motivation by capturing our attention and generating curiosity. We often lose ourselves in the task and we gather a sense of satisfaction from overcoming the challenge using our skills.

This theory, with the addition of expert facilitation and experiential learning, explains how we can embed behaviours quickly.

Imagine a time maybe at work, where you have been engrossed. Time has flown by. You feel energised, focused and proficient. You have self-initiated a goal and it brings great satisfaction as you master the complexities. You share and involve others in this experience. You together disclose your hopes and fears, your achievements and your aspirations. Interestingly, you don't require regulation or reward. You are motivated and committed intrinsically.

During an Outward Bound learning programme all of these needs are met. Through our unique learning process we create an experience that teaches you how to find Flow and utilise it to form the perfect learning strategy for life. Something you can look back upon as a formative moment. If you want to embed behaviours, support development and mastery, then we believe there is no better way than this exciting approach.

For more information about Flow, watch Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's TED Talk: