Guest blogger, Sarah recounts her first Outward Bound experience

Cool, awesome and incredible!

If I had three words to describe The Outward Bound Trust experience it would be cool, awesome and incredible. When I was little the word adventure has always been in my head and it hasn’t stopped whizzing around it since.

When I first got the call from my education worker asking if I wanted to go to Aberdovey, my first thought was "Wales? How boring!". But then the adventure lightbulb lit up in my mind, and I couldn't say no.

To prepare for the course, I met up with all the other people attending. I worried "how am I going to get on with these other young people?" but that was half the fun. I had to wait and see.

When Michael, our instructor, first walked into the room I looked at him and thought this guy is going to be really serious, but he turned out to be friendly and calm about everything, which is cool.  It was nice knowing our instructor wasn’t going to be grumpy!

And so we set off on our 5 hour journey to Aberdovey.

The adventure begins

As we were driving through the nice green landscape in Wales I took my time to take in the nature and the wildlife. I love being outdoors and the fact that I was going to do what I love with a whole lot more fun that I didn't even know was coming my way was incredible!   

We finally reached The Outward Bound Trust in Aberdovey, Wales when I took a look at the place we were going to be staying in. I was like OMG this is so awesome and the word adventure shouted really loudly with excitement in my head. 

After seeing our rooms (the bed turned out to be much comfier than my own!), we were whisked off to do 'jog and dip'. That dunk in the Dovey Estuary was so much fun. In just a few minutes it got people bonding and filled with energy. For me this energy lasted throughout the whole 5 days of adventures I got to participate in.

My highlight of the week: jetty jump

After a full morning of walking and scrambling, we had the chance to cool off with a jump into the Dovey Estuary, which was about 5m deep. When I stepped up to the edge of the jetty I felt terrified. I am not necessarily scared of heights but this scared  me. I had watched the others jump before and so I pushed myself to do it. 

When I came back to the surface of the water I felt so happy and I could not stop smiling. I was really proud of myself and I ended up jumping twice.

I would recommend other young people to take up the opportunity to travel to the Outward Bound Trust as I got so much out of just one week.

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