From Little Acorns grow, or is bigger better?

Les Main ArticleLes Magee, Head of Stores at our Ullswater Centre, shares with us what it takes to keep our stores kitted out with the most up-to-date gear and equipment.

It would be wrong to say that Ullswater Centre stores were ever acorn sized, but developments over my 15 years managing the service here have seen the facility grow nearer to the proverbial oak tree size.

Our equipment range and stock numbers have increased significantly in that time. We have kit available for every client, of any age and any size, every piece of gear and equipment you could imagine for all our adventures. And with our ever-expanding size, has come ever-improving ratings from our merry clan of clients. So, perhaps biggest is best. If our clients say so, it must be true.

Over the last few years we’ve had great success in the bespoke design, development and production of gear specifically for The Trust. We’re proud to be able to provide all our clients with state of the art Gore-Tex jackets and exclusive expedition rucksacks.

Our most recent addition to this specialist selection is our sleeping bag. We're lucky to have an all year round bag, which saves on the demands and costs associated with using both a summer and a winter bag.

Looking to the future

In only 70 weeks a truly major milestone in the history of The Trust will have been reached. Our new, purpose-built equipment stores will provide warm, state of the art storage and drying facilities for our 11,000 annual visitors.

A tenfold increase in all our gear since 2001 – boots, water proofs, safety gear and all things water based, will quickly take up all the space in our huge new building.

A good job is just about to get even better.

With a team of three we will continue to offer a 12 hour a day, seven day a week operation but, one role has yet to be filled to ensure this new and exciting development is complete...

...the new stores will require new security staff.

Dudley dog or, Duds to his friends, has attained ten years' service and will soon be given time off for good behaviour and commitment to duty. He has consistently protected the stores back office, come summer and come winter. Although it’s often difficult to tell the difference between the two seasons sat under my desk for most of the day. ‘Roll on under floor heating’, says Duds.

A job description will be advertised and available soon, replies please to Dudley Dog, Security, Ullswater Equipment Stores.

To learn more about the Ullswater development, check out our latest update and be sure to keep an eye on our blog.