Arriving where we started

by Chris Davies, Head of Individuals Business Development

On recently becoming part of the Individuals team, I quickly realised how fortunate we are, that so many families want to retain a strong relationship with The Outward Bound Trust.

Much of my time is spent trying to enthuse and entice young people into joining us each summer, but it’s clear that the most engaging (and persuasive!) people can be our ‘graduates’.  Whether a young teenager fresh from the fells or a grandparent that came several generations ago, it always strikes me how rich and vivid former participants’ stories can be. On our Outward Bound Generations website, some have gone so far as to say that their course has been life shaping.   

George Peter HomeMy colleague Sian had one such conversation recently when Mr Home called to book a 3 week course for his Grandson, Zak.  This story stood out because its roots were firmly in our past with a clear focus on the future.   

In 1954 Mr Home was hoping to work for a founding supporter of The Outward Bound Trust, the Blue Funnel Line, and an Outward Bound course was the perfect way to set himself aside from other candidates by developing his confidence, tenacity and perseverance.  (Mr Home's Outward Bound group, pictured right). Sixty one years later he wanted Zak to benefit in the same way that he had.

In 2015 our corporate partners tell us that they are again looking beyond simple academic achievement.  In an increasingly competitive environment, young people leaving education need to be equipped with key employability skills such as resilience, self-management and the ability to work in a team.

This year Mr Home’s grandson will complete The Outward Bound Skills for Life Award - a 19 - day adventure with two multi day expeditions amidst the mountains, rivers and lakes of the UK. Above all, Zac will leave with real clarity about what he is capable of and, crucially, the ability to articulate it. 

The Outward Bound Trust was founded in a very challenging time.  Today, The Skills for Life Award builds on our ability to help young people realise their potential and develop the capability and creativity to rise to today’s challenges. 

With financial assistance available for our summer 2015 and 2016, people such as Mr Home - those that have had their lives influenced by The Outward Bound Trust – continue to help us reach more young people than ever before.

You are part of our rich history and play a key part in the future.  Thank you Mr Home.    

Click here for more information about our Skills for Life Award.