Another year, another reduction!

The Trust has been monitoring its carbon emissions since 2008, with the intention of reducing overall carbon emissions by 2% year on year. Over the past 10 years we have mostly seen a steady reduction year by year. However, this year we are very pleased to announce our biggest reduction to date.

The results

Overall emissions for 2017 was 889 tCO2e, when compared to 2016s figure of 1134 tCO2e, that is a 21.6% decrease in one year! Furthermore, this represents a total decrease of 38% since our records began in 2008, going above and beyond our 2% a year target.

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How we've achieved this

Our centres and offices are based almost entirely in rural locations, in old and listed buildings and sometimes with no mains connections (gas, electricity or even water in one location). This brings additional challenges (and opportunities) for us to manage our impact. Aside from the usual activity organisations set out to reduce their footprint, (eg reducing travel, switching off electricals and heating when applicable etc.) The Trust completed two significant projects during 2017. Both the new Biomass Boiler at Ullswater and the Hydro Electric Scheme at Loch Eil have contributed considerably to Outward Bound’s overall carbon footprint.

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Equally it is important to note that since 2008 we have reduced the entire Trust’s annual mileage by 50%. This decrease can only be simply credited to the greater awareness and best practice that’s been adopted by all.

Thank you to all our staff for your effort, lets see if we can reduce it further for next years report.