15 Things you'll get to know on an Outward Bound course

  1. It began with the jog and dip.

    1 Jog And Dip

  2. You’re introduced to an instructor who looks suspiciously like a pirate but is actually a really nice guy.

    2 Pirate

  3. Funnily enough the term 'guy' quickly becomes short hand for 'everyone'… 'Guys!' *EVERYONE turns around*.

    3 Guys

  4. You will lose a glove, or another crucial item to keep you warm or dry… only to find it when you get back to the centre.

    4 Glove

  5. There will be a moment on your first expedition where one person starts to whistle an annoying tune and it gets stuck in EVERYONES head.

    5 Whistle

  6. Eventually someone will teach you some 'useful phrases' in another language.

    6 Language

  7. You'll share a really deep conversation with a friend you only met a week ago!

    7 Deep Conversation

  8. The view LUNCH at the top of the mountain becomes a major highlight of your day.

    8 Lunch

  9. The creepy crawlies are out of this world.

    9 Creepy Crawlies

  10. There will be a lucky few who catch a glimpse of the Hogwarts Express.

    10 Hogwarts

  11. There will also be a point when you discover a new smell, it is then that you realise that personal hygiene ranks second to survival.

    11 Hygiene

  12. At some point your team will erupt into unexplainable and uncontrollable laughter, that's when you realise you've finally cracked.

    12 Laughing

  13. Camp fires on the beach are a perfect way to relax after your expedition.

    13 Camp Fire

  14. The hardest part isn't the gorge walking, climbing, paddling or that hike up one of the tallest mountains in the UK in pouring rain, but saying goodbye to all the friends you've made.

    14 Goodbye

  15. There's that extra special moment that happens years later when you look back and realise you had the time of your life.

    15 Looking Back

Sound familiar? If you experienced any of these during your Outward Bound summer adventure, we'd love to hear from you! Just leave a review at the bottom of one of our summer programme pages. Smiley 1