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If you are responsible for developing early careers talent, it's likely that their current (and potential) leadership capability will be something you're thinking about.

But what does this mean for them and for your organisation? Do you need to teach them the basics, fast track their skills so they can successfully take on their first leadership role, or help them realise that whilst they might not be CEO yet, they can still demonstrate leadership every day?

Our interactive workshop is for employers who are looking for inspirational ways to help your early careers talent:

  • Understand how leadership capability can be developed
  • Build key skills, from self leadership to leading others
  • Develop their toolkit and learn how to apply this in their early career roles
Can you make it?

When: Tuesday 17 March, 10am - 1pm

Where: Central Birmingham

Cost: It's free to attend! (including optional lunch after)

Warning: this event IS NOT for you if you want to sit back and watch a presenter read from PowerPoint.

Expect to learn something new, discuss best practice, widen your early careers network, and perhaps challenge some of your own ideas.

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Our report focuses on ways we can help young people build their resilience.

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