Kickstart Programmes

Kickstart Programmes

Make a difference to young people's future with an impactful programme for your Kickstart placements.

These are designed to accelerate their employability skills, work-readiness, self-awareness and resilience.

Our Kickstart Programmes are aimed at supporting young people in increasing their employability at this time.

Delivered by behavioural experts and with fast immersion into the adventure and learning, you will see huge changes in your Kickstart placements, even when they return to the workplace.

Changes such as increased confidence, improved resilience and a greater sense of self-awareness.

Your programme

We're offering a 3 or 5-day programme, plus a modular option.

Focused on the development of young people's employability skills, personal awareness and resilience.

Supports visiting staff to upskill them in managing their Kickstart placements,

Outcomes and approach

Participants will leave Outward Bound with a greater understanding of:

  • Resilience
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-development
  • Managing change
  • Safe working
  • Personal responsibility

We deliver all our programmes through a unique balance of process, people, places and partnerships.


Prices start at £xx per participant.

As the Kickstart scheme is designed to focus on disadvantaged young people, these programmes are in receipt of charitable subsidy, helping to bring the cost down.

Available dates

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