Research and reports

Benefits For Employee Ambassadors (370KB, pdf)

How do employee ambassadors benefit from participating in an Outward Bound course? Through our Employee Ambassador scheme, we offer opportunities for employees from our funders’ organisations to support young people during an Outward Bound course. This enables them to be directly involved in the young people’s learning, and to see first-hand the impact of the funding their employer has provided.

Benefits for teachers (128KB, pdf)

How teachers benefit from accompanying their pupils on an Outward Bound course. Our research indicates that teachers derive a range of benefits from accompanying their pupils on an Outward Bound course. This paper provides a summary of the evidence we currently have in this area.


Environmental Learning at The Outward Bound Trust: A focus on the John Muir Award and the outcomes achieved. We facilitate young people’s personal development through enabling them to experience adventures that involve being immersed in the natural environment. Consequently, learning about the environment is a key element of all Outward Bound courses.

How We Develop Emotional Competencies (354KB, pdf)

The Outward Bound Trust programmes provide participants with a unique experience of adventure and learning in the wild that has proven emotional, psychological and social benefits, as well as health-related benefits. Independent research shows that the outcomes achieved during an outdoor learning programme are as a result of group interaction and challenge.