By coming through Outward Bound it benefits Rolls-Royce as all of the apprentices are given the opportunity to identify themselves, communicate with one another and actually build lasting relationships which can then lead to the business delivering their objectives and Rolls-Royce delivering their trusted to deliver excellence model. Adrian Hunt, Manufacturing Service Engineer

Apprenticeship programmes

Our Partnership

Over the past decade, Outward Bound and Rolls-Royce have collaborated on a series of programmes, from education and community programmes to induction and development programmes for their apprentices. Our partnership has enabled us to:

  • Develop hundreds of apprentices whose values and behaviours reflect the key Rolls-Royce principles
  • Engage with schools and communities to showcase the career opportunities that are on offer at Rolls-Royce, and to identify those with a talent for engineering
  • Encourage a wide range of young people, and particularly young women, to find out more about the opportunities within Rolls-Royce.


Improving recruitment of female engineers and stronger links and more visible profile with local communities

90% of second year apprentices believe their apprentice programme improved their ability to communicate simply and openly

100% of first year apprentices better understood how their own behaviours impacted upon team performance.


  • 1-week Outward Bound residential course for 14-15 year old girls, with mentoring support from incumbent female Rolls-Royce apprentices
  • Worked with The Trust to identify schools located in their site communities to develop on-going relationships
  • Apprentice programme incorporates 1-day local primary school community project, coordinated and delivered by Rolls-Royce delegates
  • 3-day induction programme for 230 engineering apprentices to establish appropriate behaviours and introduce organisational values
  • 5-day apprentice development programme focusing on team based working with review and reflection sessions to reinforce organisational values.

The apprentice class of 2016 tell their story here:

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