The Outward Bound experience is now a core part of the behavioural journey for our apprentices. We set out with clear objectives on what we wanted to achieve but our programme delivered much, much more. At GSK we now have an even more engaged and energetic set of apprentices working together to help people do more, feel better and live longer. Stephen Stewart Apprenticeship Programme Lead

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GSK have worked with Outward Bound since 2013. During each year of their apprenticeship, GSK offer their apprentices a unique development week. Since 2013, the apprentices have spent a week of their first year at Outward Bound, learning about themselves and networking with apprentices from the UK and beyond. Outward Bound and GSK have worked in partnership to create a learning programme that develops the key personal, social and emotional skills that their apprentices need in their day to day work.

GSK and the apprentice class of 2017 tell their story here:



Post their Outward Bound programme, GSK apprentices

  • Begin to understand the six GSK Expectations. These are aligned to the global performance system and define what is required of everyone at GSK.
  • Understand and are using the GSK Change Framework steps: diagnose, design, implement, embed and grow, engage and learn.
  • Start to develop the confidence to challenge and show initiative - key personal, social and emotional skills that they take back into their day to day work.
  • Have built a network with other apprentices from the UK and beyond.

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