Leadership development

We can work with you at each phase of your young talents' leadership progression; helping you to develop tomorrow’s leaders, today.

We help our clients to develop the capacity of their future leaders.

We work together to identify the particular behaviours, skills and attitudes that your young talent will need in their leadership role and design an experiential learning programme to shape these.

A future leader development programme with The Trust enables your young talent to:

  • Effectively transfer leadership theory into practical application
  • Focus on working through others to achieve organisational objectives
  • Understand the benefits of collaborative working to deliver effective outcomes across strategic partnerships and stakeholder groups
  • Benefit from structured coaching and learn how to apply these techniques to mentor their own teams in the future
  • Understand the role of communication and influence in their own leadership.

Our Approach

Our approach reflects the pace of change and complexity of the challenge your future leaders will face back in the workplace. Outward Bound’s experiential learning model™ complements the academic input and supports the leadership learning that your young talent undertake within your organisation.

If you have identified the future leaders of your business, working with The Outward Bound Trust will help to develop the necessary behaviours and skills that are required to help them transition from young talent to inspirational leader.

Case Study

 Adobe Pdf Icon Manufacturing Developing Leadership Flexibility: Jaguar Land Rover