Graduate Development


Graduate Development

Support your graduates to perform to their full potential with a challenging Outward Bound development programme.

Key Outcomes

A tailored Outward Bound graduate programme is designed to develop the capabilities you're looking to instil within your early talent. This often includes flexibility of leadership, influencing, networking, interpersonal skills plus many more.

  • Spending less time managing your young talent - your programme will equip graduates with the right attitudes, behaviours and values from the outset
  • See improvements in retention - in having a committed and engaged cohort, who understands your values
  • Make significant cost savings - by investing in the candidates who have accurate expectations of their progression
  • See improvements in productivity - your graduates will become economically productive at a much faster rate.

Programme Overview

Integrating your graduates into the workplace. The programme may focus on:

  • Building core capabilities 
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Integrating your values 
  • Purpose and direction.

Developing graduates as they move into their next stage of their journey.

  • Decision-making 
  • Situational leadership
  • Managing the experience of failure.

Supporting graduates to take ownership for their development and career by: 

  • Enhancing their networking and influencing skills
  • Developing leadership agility
  • Reinforcing a sense of personal responsibility for progression.