Diversity in the Outdoors

Role Models Matter

Role models matter to the young people we work with. So we want to have an instructional team which is representative of the young people we work with.

In 2018 we carried out research to explore diversity within our organisation and within the outdoor sector, to then understand the role we could play to make a positive change. We decided to initially focus on gender and people from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic backgrounds.

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I was delighted to hear that a big organisation like Outward Bound are being pro-active by putting in time, money and research to an area that needs addressing in the outdoors.
Jenny Graham, World Record Holder (Fastest Female to Circumnavigate the World by Bike, Unsupported)
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The North Face - Right to Explore Young Leaders Programme

The North Face are funding our project with Lindley Educational Trust and Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre. Both organisations are already developing leadership capability with young people from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic backgrounds. This work began in July 2019.

The partnerships allow us to build relationships and provide a progressive series of interventions over 12 months, the first of its kind. The aim is to develop the participants' outdoor leadership skills and experience, as well as create a connection with Outward Bound as an employer.

Participants were recruited via our partners, before attending their first leadership course with us. They will then return to work as an assistant leader alongside a local school and four of the group will received a funded Skills for Life Award place for Summer 2020. The final phase is further work experience at Outward Bound. In between all of this our community partners are continuing to run leadership development and outdoors skills sessions with them.

We look forward to reporting some of our initial evaluation of this programme in Spring 2020.

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