Director of Finance and Resources

Director of Finance and resources

This is an exciting opportunity to join The Outward Bound Trust as our Director of Finance and Resources.

The Outward Bound Trust partners with schools, colleges, employers and youth groups to teach young people most important lesson they could ever learn: to believe in themselves. Young people’s lives are filled with pressures and challenges. They need the means to help them cope and thrive in this noisy and uncertain world – now and in the future.

We provide opportunities for young people to seize the moment and empower them to discover and embrace their unique strengths through the power of adventure. At Outward Bound, young people leave behind their everyday lives to experience unfamiliar environments and build new connections; they venture into a new world of endless opportunities. Through challenge and adventure, young people learn to thrive and grow. This is where they discover who they are and what they are truly capable of.

Afterwards, young people return to their world with a stronger sense of self-belief, confidence, and compassion. They’re ready to embark on their journey towards continual personal growth for a better self, stronger communities, and a promising and brighter future for society.

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