Covid-19: The Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award

2021/22 Award Programme - Recruiting now!

The Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award

Our Award in the Current Situation

We are recruiting for 2021/22 - please read this and apply now!
Looking Back on The Mark Scott Leadership for life award in 2020

We were able to recruit through our partner schools 152 Young people willing to take part in the Award through the Pandemic. A vast majority of them were able to maintain participation and will receive an Award in June 2021.

As planned, the Award outcomes were retained, but of course the delivery was affected by the need to keep everyone safe through lockdown.

Participants were engaged as planned in the re-phased Award (see diagram below) mostly online in sessions incorporating theory work, and social interaction exercises. We covered all elements of the outcomes, and had 23 project teams deliver shorter but no less powerful community projects in a wide variety of areas of society.

Most curtailed was the adventure element which became a single day of activity in the community, and for some; the opportunity to meet team members for the first time in real life!

As the Award closes and teams complete their final reviews as guidelines afford more flexibility we are offering adventure opportunities to those able to attend - this is a busy time of assessments after-all for our participants.

The 2021-22 Award Year - Looking Ahead

Current guidelines will allow for many the opportunity to engage in trips and even overnight stays in the coming couple of months, and so it is very difficult once more to predict where we will be in August 2021 - when the 21/22 Award will commence.

We are able to plan however. Recruitment is (as of 1st May 2021) open for participation, and we are seeking 152 participants from our original 50 schools.

The Aims of the Award remain unchanged, as they have during the last year.

We have booked accommodation for August, September and October residential courses as we would ordinarily.

What remains to be seen now, is where we all as a nation will be in August. To this end we have created contingency plans for likely situations and have a 'spectrum' of delivery options between full-lockdown capable (as this last year) to fully open (as previous years, starting with an adventurous residential course).

As we know we can deliver the outcomes, and the value of the Award both to the participants and our communities is high, we are happy to open our application process for 2021/22 in the knowledge that we have a robust and capable Award that will deliver to our participants.

If you are in 5th year, going into 6th year for 21/22. and are reading this: Make Your Application Now - you won't regret it.

2020 Programme Diagram
More Information on the 2020 Award

Please click the links below find out what the 2020 Award will look like - especially useful if you are thinking of applying or if you are a teacher or parent wanting to know more.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with the Team - we'd be happy to help -

You can email the Project manager on or via the contacts page on the main site.

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Champions Resources for promoting the Award internally

We have three adverts like the one above which you are free to use in any channel to promote the Award to pupils at your school. You will also find a link below to the recruitment video on our YouTube channel and champions can request a raw .ppt version for their own tailoring too - just get in touch.

School Participation Agreements & Resources for Champions, SMT's and Head Teachers
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