Covid-19: The Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award

Statement on Covid-19

The Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award

Our Approach to the Current Situation

The 2019-20 Award Completion

With projects completed, we have produced additional resources for those participants needing to complete their final review.

As normal in March we have been chasing participants to complete their final evaluation and Logbooks as the final requirements to pass the Award, and this concludes at the end of the week commencing March 30th.

We have had to postpone the Award Ceremony this year, but hope to organise an event to properly mark the achievements of this years' participants later in the year.

The 2020-21 Award Year

We are working with schools and our dedicated school champions, recruiting through social media. We've provided additional support and resources to teachers to promote the Award, and have opened recruitment to all schools this year rather than phasing the schools as normal.

Pupils in 5th year are currently applying as normal.

The MSLFLA delivery team are currently on temporary leave, as due to the current government guidelines our centres are closed and we have paused our direct work with the Leadership for Life Award groups.

Recruitment is different this year, but we are confident of filling all the places again this year and looking forward to another successful year of delivery.

Week1 Howtown Course Photo