Why an Outward Bound adventure?

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This is your opportunity to take control of your summer and achieve something truly remarkable. To wave goodbye to your smartphone and television, and forge new international friendships that will last a lifetime.

We can’t guarantee that it will be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. With the help of our highly trained instructors you will be challenged and supported to step out of your comfort zone, experience new things and discover what you’re capable of.

From the moment you arrive at our centre you’ll be immersed in spectacular scenery. Rowing across lakes and camping in the wild to lighting fires and building shelters, outdoor adventure is the bedrock of everything that you’ll do.

Whichever path you choose during summer, Outward Bound will leave you feeling more confident, more determined and better prepared for whatever life will throw at you in the future.

I came home from Outward Bound a different person. I am a stronger person, and it made me realise that if I want to give something a go in life, I should just give it a go. Harriot, Skills for life Award summer 2015 participant

Choose your path:

The Outward Bound Skills for Life Award (15-19)

Looking to go to college, university, get an apprenticeshup or perhaps start your own business? Kick start your dreams during summer by gaining The Outward Bound Skills for Life Award!

Discover Adventure (11-13)

Whether you're an experienced young camper, or you've never spent the night away from home before, this path will introduce you to a world of adventure, fun and challenge.

Serious Adventure (11-13 & 13-15)

This path is your chance to get serious about adventure and learn new skills. To climb rocks, navigate through hills, scramble up waterfalls and raise your aspirations to new and sitant horizons (13-15).

The Ultimate Expedition (15-19)

Taking you right back to our routes, this classic adventure is intended only for the most hardened of Outward Bounders and building explorers.

There are many reasons to choose an Outward Bound summer adventure but here are our top three:

Whether you're here for one week or three, you're guaranteed a genuine adventure. Most of the time, you'll be exploring incredible wilderness environments, soaking up brand new places that you can't even imagine. You'll find yourself paddling across a lagoon in the Scottish Highlands or traversing a waterfall in the Lake District and much more. You'll be heading to real rock climbing venues, not indoor climbing walls. That's the Outward Bound difference.

Outward Bound isn't just about doing something different with your summer, it's about developing the skills that will set you up for life:

  • 89% of participants say their adventure has made them more confident in social situations
  • 85% felt more independent as a result of their Outward Bound experience
  • 94% said they now felt better prepared to tackle challenges*

*Based on responses from 100 participants on 3 week adventures, surveyed 3 months after their experience.

Absolutely everything you'll need for your adventure is included in just one simple price - from kit, bedding, activities, insurance and meals to a return coach transfer. All you need to bring is a small amount of personal spending money.