The Outward Bound Gift Voucher

You know as well as we do, stuff can be short lived, and life is way more important than the things we accumulate. Life is about experiences, not things !

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The perfect Christmas Gift

As the run up to Christmas gathers pace, teenagers across the country will be looking to get their hands on the next big thing. From the latest gadget, to fashion items and celebrity crazes, there's little doubt that Christmas lists are growing by the day.

Yet for many parents the wish list for their children couldn't be more different. Less about stuff, and more about skills, attitudes and of course, the future. Whether it's a happier, more confident, or more outgoing child, a summer adventure is a sure fine way to help get them there.

An Outward Bound voucher is the gift that keeps on giving, from Christmas day right through to summer and beyond. The mountains they'll climb, mates they'll make and skills they'll learn will give them stories and memories to last a life-time.

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Step 1: Select the value of the gift voucher you would like to purchase (above). We have £50, £100, and £165 options available. You will then be redirected to a booking form

Step 2: Confirm which voucher you would like and enter your contact information, so we can send you the voucher and make a record of your purchase.

Step 3: Hit submit and we'll send you the voucher. You can then print it off at home or forward it electronically to the intended recipient.


Is this the same as booking an Outward Bound programme? While a voucher is certainly a great big leap closer it's not quite the same as booking a programme in the same way that you'd normally choose a date and venue. That said, the voucher will be accompanied by further instructions on how to make a booking along with how it can be used towards the cost of a programme at a later date.

Do I need to know which programme, venue or date the recipient wants to participate? Nope. Whichever voucher you choose it can be applied to any of our summer adventures, providing it takes place in summer 2019. 

Can I have an example? Sure! Imagine you're eyeing up one of our 7-day programmes (normally £549) and you then purchase a £50 gift voucher. That would mean the recipient only has to pay £499 when making the booking at a later date.

How do I get the voucher? Once the payment has gone through we'll email you a beautiful looking gift voucher that you can print off or forward on to the intended recipient. We'll also include some handy instructions on how they can go about booking a programme that suits them.

How soon after Christmas must the voucher be redeemed? Vouchers should be redeemed and a booking made by no later than 31 March 2019, for a summer 2019 programme. The earlier it's claimed the more likely the young person can attend a programme, date and venue that fits in with their summer plans.

Is the voucher refundable or transferable? We're afraid not, it must be used in 2019 and cannot be refunded if a booking is not made within time.

What if I've got a problem or question? No worries! If you need any help or you'd prefer to speak to a human just give us a call on 01931 740000 (option 2) or email and we'd be happy to help.

1. Science says so: Without going into too much detail there’s genuinely a bunch of academic reports and a string of articles written about how experiences trump material things. The BBC sums it up nicely here.

2. They make memories: The beauty of experiences is that they’re a catalyst for making memories, like making new friends conquering mountains, overcoming fears and learning about yourself. Few physical gifts can match up to those kind of experiences.

3. It’s all about the long game: Sure, on the big day they won’t be able to try it on, plug it in or scroll through it, but this gifts about the long game… Summer may be months away, but that’s months of excitement, anticipation and intrigue, THEN comes the real adventure.

  • To ensure you receive the voucher before Christmas, it should be purchased before 12pm on 21 December 2018. It normally takes us around one working day to process payment and email the voucher. 
  • Vouchers must be redeemed before 31 March 2018 in order to ensure participation takes place in summer 2019.
  • All vouchers purchased are non-refundable.
  • With regards to booking a summer adventure, our normal terms and conditions apply.