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Comfort zones are brilliant places, but you know what else is brilliant? Going on adventures with new people you've never met before in unfamiliar and stunning surroundings that may scare you, but also inspire you!

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More than just a summer camp, The Skills for Life Award is your opportunity to spend 19-days of your school holiday taking on new challenges. Trying your hand at rock climbing, camping and canoeing, whilst also training your mind so that you can find, set and achieve your life goals!

You'll go on a breath-taking journey across land and water amid some of the UK's most spectacular and remote places, with the most amazing people by your side. From rowing across lakes and camping in the wild, to lighting fires and building shelters, wilderness challenge will be at the heart of everything you do.

Programme outcomes:

Smiley 1 Self confidence and self belief Speech Communication Leaves Less screen time, more green time Hand Holding Team working Scales Self management Padlock And Key Making the most of opportunities Brain Problem solving Camping Resilience Woman Worker Employability


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I now try and find a positive in every situation. I have developed a growth mindset and I am now more resilient when I get a setback. I have the urge to come fighting back. - Anna, aged 18 - 16 months after her Skills for Life Award

Tent And TreesIt's for:

The Dreamers: Teens who scroll through their phones dribbling at photos from far-flung lands with spectacular mountains and awe inspiring vistas, hungry for an adventure of their own.

The Ambitious: Those looking to write their CV in the wild and hone their skills, confidence and experience so that they're prepared for the challenges of uni life, an apprenticeship or the world of work.

Adventure lovers: Curious kids who grew up riding their bikes, climbing trees and exploring their neighbourhoods. Who cast aside their games console controllers in favour of something bigger, bolder and better. 

Overseas explorers: The British Isles has a lot to offer for those who are travelling from abroad. From picture perfect national parks to blockbuster back-drops (Tomb Raider, Star Wars, Harry Potter). And remember! What the UK may lack in sunshine, we make up for in our friendliness and hospitality! 

Levelling up: Ideal for those who are looking to level up and progress from a 7-day Serious Adventure or an Outward Bound course with their school, college or youth group. This is a chance to crank the adventure level up another notch!


One price, all inclusive:

We only charge what it costs to deliver the programme. We're not interested in making money, just changing lives. So there is only one price and no hidden extras: £1,699 (UK) or £1,999 (international).

Additional charitable funding is also available to UK participants though the Adventure Fund.

Bookings can be made with a deposit of just £165. The remainder of the fee can be paid through instalments, with the full balance required 8-weeks before you arrive.

You will get:

  • A full day and evening plan, jam-packed full of activities
  • All equipment and kit to keep you safe, dry and warm
  • Two dedicated instructors, from day 1 to day 19
  • New skills and experiences to boost your CV
  • 24-hour pastoral careSkills For Life Award Badge (1)
  • Accommodation and bedding
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Fully comprehensive insurance
  • Coach transfer from a nearby transport hub (Glasgow, Penrith, Manchester, Birmingham)
  • Upon completion you will also be awarded a fabric patch and our famous metallic pin-badge
  • As much flapjack as you can get your hands on!

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You will need:

  • A sense of adventure
  • Clothes and footwear for the full 19-days
  • £10 deposit for the kit you borrow
  • Extra pocket money for an ice cream at the end of your exped (recommended)
  • A camera to capture the memories (recommended)

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Free coach transfer:Plane (1)

Each of our centres are set in awe-inspiring locations; close to lochs, lakes, the sea and, of course, the mountains. They'll make you feel like you're a million miles away from civilisation, and because of that they can be quite a distance to travel to, but fear not! A free coach transfer service is at hand, with the following approximate journey times:

  • 3 hours to the Scottish Highlands, Loch Eil (from Glasgow)
  • 3 hours to Snowdonia, Aberdovey (from Birmingham or Manchester)
  • 20 minutes to the Lake District, Ullswater (from Penrith)

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Parents/guardians are also welcome to pick-up and drop off their children. We have limited parking at our centres so if you've got your own car and would prefer to drive, please make sure you check with us in advance. 

Centre life:

 > Explore our centres  (Includes maps, directions and a 360° panorama video of each area)

Mountains, mentors and mates

Learning about yourself happens best out in the wild, away from the comforts and distractions of everyday life. Our highly qualified and experienced instructors will use the unpredictability of the wilderness to stretch you physically and mentally over 19-days until you achieve something you never thought possible.

Since 1941, we have developed a formula that works:

Mountains Mentors Mates

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* With charitable funding for UK residents or UK passport holders


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We won’t let money stand in the way of anyone who really wants to take part. Thanks to our fundraisers, donors and supporters, we can help those where funding may be a barrier. Check out our Adventure Fund to see how we can help make your summer adventure a reality.

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