Kick start your dreams during summer by gaining the Outward Bound Skills for Life Award.

Beginning with the end in mind is precisely where you’ll start when embarking on the 19-day Skills for Life Award. Whether it’s college, Uni, employment or something else, this path will give you the clarity to realise your ambitions and achieve your life goals.

You’ll be encouraged throughout to reach outside of your comfort zone, discover and explore exciting new places, and make lasting new friendships. From climbing to kayaking to two multi-day expeditions, outdoor adventure will be at the heart of everything you do. Going above and beyond any other Outward Bound experience to show yourself what you’re capable of.

Attracting participants from across the country and around the world, the Award will offer you a fresh perspective on life, opening your mind to new and alternative ways of thinking.

Your dedicated instructor will play a huge role throughout this, coaching you to success and sharing their skills, knowledge and expertise so that you know how to stand out of the crowd in an ever competitive world.

The tan lines may fade, but this summer adventure will be one that you never forget.


The Adventure Fund has been developed specifically to help support young people to achieve their life-goals and experience their very own Outward Bound summer adventure. 

Made possible by the help and support of our generours donors and corporate partners, the fund can offer up to 50% off any of our 7 or 19 day summer adventures. 

All you have to do is complete a short online form and provide a few details about yourself and why you want to take part, it's that easy. 


The Skills for Life Award is a youth lead programme, that empowers participants to build their own adventure. Below is an example itinerary:

1. Mon 

Arrive 17:00

Phase 1: Finding your feet. An introduction to the Award, your centre and the people in your group.

2. Tues 

Take on the jog and dip for the first time and engage in a high impact activity that will immerse you in spectacular scenery. Have your first 1:1 catchup with your instructor and establish your goals. 

3. Wed 

Get to grips with the vital camp craft and navigation skills that will see you through your first expedition.

4. Thu

Fine tune your team work and communication skills during a problem solving exercise such as a simulated mountain resuce.

5. Fri 

Phase 2: Developing your personal toolkit. Embark on your first overnight training expedition out on the hills.

6. Sat 

Overnight training expedition.

7. Sun 

Overnight training expedition.

8. Mon 

Return from your training expedition and degunge.

9. Tue 

Chill out, relax and recover. Take the time to review what you've learned, catch up with your instructor and enjoy the creature comforts of centre life.

10. Wed 

Get back on it and throw yourself into some enhanced adventure such as multi-pitch rock climbing, sea kayaking or a ridge scrable.

11. Thu 

Take some time out from your group to build a shelter and reflect on your achievements, on your own, in the wild.

12. Fri 

Expedition planning and team building activities.

13. Sat 

Phase 3: Setting yourself up for success. Hone your presentation skills, catch-up with your instructor with another 1:1 and complete your final expedition prep.

14. Sun 

Embark on your final self-led expedition across both land and water.

15. Mon 

Overnight expedition.

16. Tue 

Overnight expedition.

17. Wed 

Return from your expedition and degunge.

18. Thu 

Final 1:1 catchup and feedback from your instructor. Complete your action plan and take on the jog & dip one last time before your celebration evening and presentaion. 

19. Fri 

Depart 09:00




Download the full Outward Bound Skills for Life Award itinerary (415 KB, pdf)

Download the Kit list for this adventure.

What time does the Award start and finish?
The Award will start at 5.30pm on the first Monday and departure is from 9.00am on the third Friday. As part of our all-inclusive package, we offer a free coach transfer to and from central transport hubs. Please call your centre to inform them of your arrival and departure times. We can arrange drop offs at a local train or bus station, or you are welcome to be picked up by parents/guardians at the centre. You are recommended to book your transport as close to start and finish times as possible.

Is the Outward Bound Skills for Life Award for me?
The Award is a truly amazing experience, designed to help you take the next step in life. It's all about building your confidence, independence and skills to support you to get ahead, regardless of your starting position.

The Skills for Life Award includes challenging multi-day expeditions, which often take place on steep terrain, plus you’ll be expected to carry your own kit throughout. It’s therefore advisable that you have a resonable level of fitness to take part. For more tips on getting fit for your adventure, see our main FAQs.

Your days will be packed, and by no means just a holiday. You should be prepared to take on new responsibilities, work with people from all around the world and be open minded to new experiences. Most important of all, you should arrive with a positive outlook and plenty of enthusiasm!

What is included in the price?
The Award is all inclusive. We provide all specialist equipment including waterproofs and boots, as well as food, accommodation, insurance and a coach transfer service. You only need to bring a small amount of personal spending money, around £10-15 per week plus a £10 refundable deposit for equipment. Each centre has a small shop selling snacks, toiletries and souvenirs. The shops do not sell cigarettes or alcohol.

Self confidence and self belief

A new-found sense of confidence, independence and breadth of experience that will set you apart from your peers


Greater understanding of the value of speaking and listening skills and how to articulate yourself

Team working

Experience in persuasion, negotiation and influencing skills as well as working together and cooperating

Self management

Gain a greater sense of personal responsibility, flexibility, and time management

Making the most of opportunities

Understanding the importance of a positive mindset, openness to new ideas and the desire to achieve

Problem solving

Ability to find creative solutions and be able to analyse the facts


Bouncebackability and the capacity to recover quickly from setbacks

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* With charitable funding for UK residents/expats


Email us or call direct on 01931 740 000

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