Pupil premium funding

Have you considered outdoor learning? 

An increasing number of schools we work in partnership with are using their Pupil Premium funding to give their pupils access to our residential experiences.

Evidence in recent Ofsted reports, from a number of schools we work with, suggests they view learning outside the classroom as a successful tool for narrowing the achievement gap, supporting the purpose of the pupil premium fund.

This example shows how high attainment and levels of progress can be secured through a well-integrated curriculum with a broad programme of learning outside of the classroom (LOtC). This includes many residential visits, day trips and activities in the local environment. Neston High School
There has been a strong emphasis on helping financially disadvantaged students so that they can participate in activities such as The Outward Bound Trust's residential course, or theatre visits. There are no significant gaps in the achievement of different groups of students. Flixton Girls' High School

Proven Results

Evaluation of our courses continues to show that they promote confidence and capability in young people, helping them to progress and develop a more positive outlook on life.

92% of teachers agreed that an Outward Bound course improved their pupils' skills in setting goals.

89% of participants agreed that their Outward Bound course had taught them to keep going even when things don't work.

Extracts taken from The Outward Bound Trust's Social Impact Report 2014.

How to Guide: Spend your Pupil Premium to fund their Outward Bound residential experience

Case study - Pupil Premium, funding an Outward Bound residential, by Fraser Mackintosh, Assistant Principal - Broadoak School

Partington rates highly on the IDACI (indices of Deprivation Affecting Children) with one ward being in the top 2.5%. In such circumstances many children do not get the chance to access an outdoor learning residential course unless it can be subsidised. Broadoak School, which is part of The Dean Trust, have taken the decision to strategically target their Pupil Premium funding towards pupils where families may be experiencing financial hardship. By providing extra-curricular activities such as outdoor learning to promote greater self-belief and motivation they believe will reduce the achievement gap.

Why choose The Outward Bound Trust?
Broadoak chose to partner with The Outward Bound Trust as part of our wider strategy to narrow the achievement gap, as they have a proven track record of raising confidence, perseverance and optimism among young people – all crucial skills for our young people to possess in order to make progress and achieve their full potential. The Outward Bound Trust provide experienced and enthusiastic instructors who always know how to get the best out of our children to ensure that their personal journeys are rewarding and inspiring. Our pupil premium allowance combined with bursary we were eligible to receive from The Outward Bound Trust provided vital funding to cover the cost of the programme.

How easy is it to use Pupil Premium?
Very! Our school is part of The Dean Trust, so we have to go through internal procedures to request and allocate an amount of pupil premium to put towards a certain activity. As schools are now accountable for how pupil premium funding is spent, our procedures include stating what we intend to do with the money, the outcomes we aim to achieve spending it. We also ask our pupils to fill in a questionnaire prior to and upon completion of any given activity to help us measure its effectiveness. Pupils’ attendance and punctuality levels are tracked over the remainder of the year and behaviour and attitude to work are monitored, to assess the effectiveness of any activity.
Our school found the bursary application and booking process with The Outward Bound Trust to be very quick and straightforward.

Is there a noticeable difference in behaviour and achievement of your FSM cohort since their Outward Bound experience?
We are delighted with the attitudes of the participants since they’ve returned from the residential. Our Director of Learning for Year 7 accompanied the children on the trip and had an excellent knowledge of pupils prior to the course taking place. As a result it has been easier to identify pupil progress with regards to attitude and motivation. We have witnessed improved attendance and punctuality and it is clear that many pupils have improved their outlook and approach to school life and generally become more stimulated.

For further information about spending your pupil premium on an Outward Bound experience, contact a member of our Education team today on 01931 740000 or email enquiries@outwardbound.org.uk

The Outward Bound Trust's Social Impact Report 2014
Over the last six years we have been working with a number of external partners to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of our programmes.

How we develop emotional competencies
The Outward Bound Trust programmes provide participants with a unique experience of adventure and learning in the wild that has proven emotional, psychological and social benefits, as well as health-related benefits. Independent research shows that the outcomes achieved during an outdoor learning programme are as a result of group interaction and challenge.

Supporting young people to and within employment
By participating on an Outward Bound course, young people develop the skills and attributes that employers look for.

For details about our courses please call 01931 740000 or email enquiries@outwardbound.org.uk.