4 reasons why you shouldn't go to Outward Bound this winter...

...and why you should ignore these and come anyway!

Don't let voices of doubt or worry stand in the way of taking your pupils on an Outward Bound adventure this winter. We promise it will all be fine - and 100% worth it! 

Reason #1: It will be too cold and wet

It's a cliché, but there's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.

We have all the kit and equipment you could ever need to keep you and your pupils safe, warm and dry (when you need to be!) - and it's all included in the price.


Take a look at our winter kit


Reason #2: There's less to do on the shorter days

Shorter days don't mean we have less adventure during the winter months.

In fact, winter opens up a whole new world that the summer doesn't. Think dark and starry nights, cosy camps with hot chocolate, and awe-inspiring winter landscapes and wildlife.

See our winter sample programme


Reason #3: The timing will get in the way of lessons

A winter residential enhances teaching and exam preparation and has a greater impact.

Imagine reaping the rewards of teaching pupils who are more confident and resilient throughout the whole school year - not just at the end! Research shows winter residentials can have a greater impact than going in the summer.

View the Learning Away research


Reason #4: The weather might stop us getting there

It's extremely rare for a school or group to be unable to travel due to adverse weather conditions. 

But if the 'Beast from the East' makes a return, be rest assured that all of our courses are fully insured. So, in the rare event you have to cancel, you would not be out of pocket and we can rebook your course straight away.

Read our safety and insurance information


Ready to give it a try?

We believe in the power of winter so much that we're prepared to put our money where our mouth is!

Bring at least one group of 12 (includes two free teacher places) on a five-day or three-day course between 26 November 2018 and 22 February 2019 and get a Winter Discount*.

Plus, for eligible schools there is further funding available to cover up to 50% of the cost of the course - all thanks to our generous donors. This means a five-day course cost of £445pp could be reduced to £190pp!

Take the winter challenge and use the form to enquire today.

  • This offer is only available to new customers who haven't worked with The Outward Bound Trust before, or to schools who have only ever booked an Outward Bound course during March, April, May, June, July, August, and October.
  • Course cost is fully inclusive of all food, bedding, activities, instructors, kit and insurance. Excludes travel to and from the centre.
  • The Winter Discount is available to all UK schools and youth groups on dates between 26 November 2018 and 22 February 2019. 
  • Financial Assistance is only available to UK schools and youth groups who can demonstrate the school or students are recognised as disadvantaged either through economic, social or environmental factors. Schools/ youth groups must complete a simple Financial Assistance Application Form
  • Bookings are subject to availability in our centres.
  • The youngest year group Outward Bound can support is Year 5 in England and Wales, and P5 in Scotland.
  • One free teacher place per group booked. Second free teacher place only available on the first group booked. i.e. 2 groups booked = 3 free teacher places.