Case Studies

Credit And Qualification (847KB, pdf)

This is an adventurous course that can be directly linked to awards, accreditations and assessments providing training and evidence where appropriate. This includes BTEC, ASDAN and the John Muir Award.

Eco And Sustainability (1MB, pdf)

This course is designed to give the participants a greater understanding of the environment around them, including the issues surrounding climate change and sustainability. It will give your pupils a sense of responsibility and also an appreciation for the natural world.

Engaging in Learning (781KB, pdf)

Ideal for pupils that are struggling in the classroom, this course looks to increase their self-confidence, resilience and helps them to realise their true potential. Through challenging and adventurous activities, they will understand the value of effort and reward and will learn how to work as part of a team.

First Challenge (864KB, pdf)

To increase pupils’ engagement, understanding and appreciation of the natural environment, working with and helping others.

Mindsets (1MB, pdf)

This programme was jointly funded by the Ministry of Defence and Midlothian Council and targeted the service pupils of Beeslack Community High School. The primary aim of the programme was to strengthen the support network within the school service community.