Sending our apprentices on an Outward Bound course is the most impactful way of getting apprentices to deliver excellent customer service, and understand how our customers think and respond. Richard Welch, Network, Learning & Development Manager - Technical


  • Advanced apprentices development programme.


  • Building awareness of their importance in delivering exceptional customer service and the customer’s importance to business and brand
  • Individual development – confidence building, uncovering potential.


  • 5-day programme focusing on teamwork, communication and taking responsibility and ownership of issues
  • Incorporate a range of outdoor challenges to give experience of planning and preparation for tasks
  • Facilitated reflection session to define action points for supporting customer service on return to the workplace.


  • VW have seen 85% of their apprentice cohort improve their customer awareness
  • VW have noted that 97% of their apprentices have improved their self-confidence and teamworking capability
  • VW have seen an increase in apprentice retention throughout the duration of their Outward Bound programme.