National Grid


  • 5-day development programme for engineering apprentices from a range of disciplines
  • 5-day Engineer Training Programme intervention


  • Gain a practical understanding of the application of National Grid Values and Behaviours
  • Practise and develop personal and team planning and organisational skills
  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses in line with National Grid competencies
  • Practise and apply effective communication skills when working within a team.


  • Review process making clear links to Golden Rules safety standards and organisational values of Respect, Integrity and Ownership
  • Self-programmed tyrolean project day - delegates tasked to design a team brief for a gorge crossing challenge. Delegates take full responsibility for task management including kit and equipment, timings, risk assessments and achievement of brief.
  • Action plans drawn up on Learner Capability Progress report.


  • 100% of delegates developed their planning and organisational skills
  • 100% of delegates improved their ability to communicate effectively
  • 100% of delegates better understood National Grid values.

Delegate feedback Oct 2012