Programme: 3-day Trainee Officer development programme


  • Provide an effective induction to Maersk’s organisational values for their annual Trainee Officer intake
  • Increase engagement into Maersk’s culture and prepare cadets for life at sea and nautical college
  • Establish a peer support network to enhance retention and create a productive working environment.


  • Provides opportunities for collaborative working and development of strong and trusted relationships
  • Incorporate a range of outdoor challenges including an overnight expedition for the cadets to explore their own values and how they align with Maersk’s
  • Reflection and peer feedback sessions to encourage openness and honesty and to increase awareness of impact of behaviours
  • Deliver a suite of complex challenges improving cadets ability to take ownership and responsibility and give them an opportunity to coach others.


  • 100% of cadets developed a greater insight into working for Maersk and the challenges of life at sea
  • 100% of cadets developed a stronger understanding of Maersk values and gained insight into how they can demonstrate them through their behaviour
  • 100% of cadets formed strong relationships with others and became aware of the impact they have on others.

This programme created a strong support network for the cadets and increased the rate of retention within the Cadet programme.