BAE Systems

There seems to be a link between the skills and attitudes developed on The Outward Bound Trust's programme and the behaviours of our apprentices demonstrated in the workplace. The course has enabled these groups of apprentices to have an enhanced sense of responsibility and this has been reflected in an improved safety record and also on our overall rates of absenteeism. Ted Creighton, Head of Learning and Development, BAE Systems

Programmes: Induction programme for BAE Systems 600+ apprentices and higher apprentices from across the UK


  • Build a range of individual key skills to facilitate the transition into the workplace from education or other employment
  • Create a high performing apprentice cohort which understands BAE Systems organisational values and behaviours.


  • Tailored 5-day programme providing opportunities to take responsibility for task management and success
  • Incorporate a range of outdoor challenges including an overnight expedition to develop key skills such as planning, preparation, communication and teamwork
  • Reflection and feedback sessions to encourage discussion on performance and behaviour and assess individual impact upon others in the working environment


  • 100% of delegates increased awareness of themselves and how their behaviour can affect a situation
  • 100% of apprentices learned how to communicate clearly and work effectively as a team
  • 100% of apprentices developed an awareness of BAE Systems’ values and ethical principles.

As a result of the above, 100% of delegates increased their self-confidence and determination.