• 5-day Craft, Higher and Undergraduate Engineering apprenticeship programmes
  • Multi-stage direct entry graduate programme


  • Apprentices to develop and record Wider Key Skills and Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
  • To facilitate the apprentices’ transition into the apprentice community and the wider organisation
  • Develop graduates’ personal and team behaviours whilst enabling them to drive forward own performance.


  • Task groups made up of apprentices from supply chain organisations to enhance intercultural understanding
  • Use of performance monitoring tool as part of programme for application in the workplace
  • Incorporation of Personal Development Plan combined with 1:1 trainer feedback sessions
  • 72-hour graduate project to develop leadership styles and teamworking capability.


  • 95% of apprentices better understood the Airbus Way and engaged with the 2020 vision
  • 95% of apprentices improved their intercultural awareness
  • 96% of graduates developed their behavioural awareness and flexibility.

Delegate feedback, Jul 12.