Our approach/process

Whether it’s an apprentice induction course, graduate transition programme, or leadership training for senior managers – delegates leave us with a new mental toolkit and an enhanced sense of self. To achieve this, we deploy a unique combination of assets: 

The environments in which we work play an essential role in our approach to employee development. From our own dedicated training venues in the heart of the Lake District, Snowdonia and the Scottish Highlands, we use the mountains, lakes and rivers on our doorstep as catalysts for changing behaviours. The intensity and immediacy of the outdoor experience provides an ideal situation for employees to see real, immediate consequences to their actions whilst ensuring that their learning is embedded in a meaningful and memorable way.

Delegates are taken on a physical and metaphorical journey through a series of experiential exercises that expose individual behaviour and its effect on group dynamics, whether as a team member or a leader. Flexibility of leadership style is developed to cope with an ever changing environment.

Appropriate theoretical models and organisational language are introduced to explore and develop alternative behaviours and strategies.

Because the learning is active and the analogy with behaviours at work is obvious, changed behaviours embed quickly and transfer easily to the workplace.

Our facilitators are dual qualified, both with the hard technical skills to take your staff into our environment, but also as highly qualified facilitators – this is unique to The Trust.

All of our delivery staff have a base teaching qualification, which is then built on with specialist coaching and facilitation skills, such as Master NLP,  Advanced TA and specific psychological assessment. Many are currently completing advanced degrees in Learning and Development.

However, the true quality is in how they work with you to understand your organisational drivers, to incorporate your specific workplace language and values into the design of all programmes. This tailoring enables us to address your individual organisational needs and accelerate the transfer of changed behaviours into the workplace.