Key outcomes

A tailored Outward Bound apprentice programme is designed around the key behaviours you're looking to instill within your early talent.

This often includes self-awareness, communication skills, self-management and an understanding of actions and consequences, plus many more. In doing so, we support our clients to achieve long-term business gains, such as:

  • See improvements in retention - in having a committed and engaged cohort, who understands your values
  • Make significant time savings - spend less time on discipline and basic performance issues by developing self-managed apprentices
  • Reduce your workplace risks - complement your existing safety processes with apprentices who take ownership for personal safety through their behaviour and communication
  • See improvements in productivity or profitability - in having a more efficient and more customer focused workforce.

Programme Overview 

The first module of our apprentice development programme helps with the transition into the workplace and supporting effective integration. Focus on:

  • Building core capabilities
  • Integrating your corporate values, processes and standards.

To support your apprentices' development, our apprentice transition programme focuses on:

  • Developing communication, team and relationship building skills
  • Learning to work flexibly
  • Adaptability
  • Delivering business benefits in line with your expectations.

Equipping your apprentices with more advanced and strategic capabilities as they near the end of their apprentice development period. Focus on:

  • Building leadership
  • Refining influencing skills
  • Improving goal setting
  • Developing project management capabilities.