Work placements

Our centres have different policies for occasionally taking students on work placements. Generally placements are reserved for students living locally to the centre they wish to work at.

Positions are usually held for students who are on recognised full time college courses that lead to formal National Governing Body qualifications in outdoor activities. Such placements are usually for between 4 -12 weeks and equate to a Teaching Practice, during which the placement student may take responsibility for instructing specific elements of personal development courses. Suitable candidates for placement positions are required to have a range of experience both in a number of outdoor activities and in personal development in order to be able to work effectively with groups.

We occasionally have positions for school students from the age of GCSE upwards, who live locally to the centre.

We will only consider university/college placements for people who are 18 or over if they can supply us with proof of a recent enhanced DBS – Disclosure & Barring Service check.

Students, who do not live in the vicinity of the centre, are provided with free accommodation. All students are required to provide their own food. Low cost meals are available in the centre dining room and can be obtained on production of a meal voucher, which can be purchased from the catering department.

Any specialist or technical equipment required during the placement period can usually be made available, on loan, from the extensive centre equipment stores. 

We only offer placements to students who can work a minimum of one week. Students must be self-sufficient, therefore provide their own accommodation and meals.
For school placements, we require students to live locally and fall into the GCSE age group.
For college placements, preference will be given to those who are working towards National Governing Body Awards.

Any specialist or technical equipment required during the placement period can be borrowed from the centre equipment stores. 

Loch Eil
We offer work experience placements only to local schools, on a non-residential basis.
There are opportunities for students aged 18+ following higher education/vocational courses in Outdoor Education to come on residential placements.

Students on placement will have a programme arranged that allows them to observe and assist courses but will not be put in a position of sole responsibility for groups. Accommodation on site is not charged for if available but cannot be guaranteed. Placement students taking B&B accommodation off site will be responsible for their own accommodation costs. Food at the centre is available at a small cost. We have in the past also taken business studies students on a placement in our sales/admin department.


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