Outward Bound Associations

Outward Bound Associations help to fund our courses for deserving individuals.

The Outward Bound Trust has regional Outward Bound Associations throughout the UK, set up to help young people experience a life-changing Outward Bound course. 

They are run by groups of local volunteers, many of whom have had their lives shaped by their experiences with The Outward Bound Trust. They have a wide representation from local schools, youth services, police and other interested organisations.


If you'd like to help your local Outward Bound Association or make a donation that will help young people in your area, please call 01931 740000.


About us

Since 1953, as Bristol and District OBA and, more recently, as Avon OBA, we've provided financial assistance and support to enable young people to attend Outward Bound courses.

How we help young people

We give support to candidates normally resident in North Somerset, Bath, North East Somerset, the City of Bristol and South Gloucestershire Local Authority areas.

To be considered for grant aid young people should satisfy the enrolment criteria for any of the courses offered by The Outward Bound Trust. We give priority to those still in full time education.

What they thought

"Going on this course was a brilliant thing to do. I found new skills in myself and came home a new person." Pupil, St George Community School, Bristol.

"The scariest thing was abseiling down a 100-foot cliff, I don't think I have ever been so terrified, but it was worth it when I had finished." Pupil, Gordano School, Portishead.

"Some of the young people have been on other courses but it's not the same at Outward Bound." Teacher, Clevedon Community School.

Contact Avon & District OBA

Richard Ivens: rs.ivens@virgin.net

About us

We are the only village Outward Bound Association. We have the largest OBA membership in the country, with 200 villagers forming the Bredon Outward Bound '200' Club. We also give the highest proportional sponsorship in the UK, having, in our 26 years of operation, sent 139 young people on Outward Bound courses.

Fundraising and events

Our members donate £13 a year, half of which is returned in the form of a monthly lottery. No other fundraising is sought from outside the village.

How we help young people

We support young people aged 11 - 25 years of age living in the Parish of Bredon which includes the hamlets of Bredons Norton, Bredons Hardwick, Kinsham, and Westmancote on the Worcestershire border, 3 miles N.W. of Tewkesbury.

Contact Bredon OBA

Ray Lane
19 Blenheim Drive
Bredon, GL20 7NQ
Tel: 01684 772 311
Email: Bredon.OBA@outwardbound.org.uk

About us

Our OBA was formed in July 2002 to provide financial assistance and support to enable young people to attend an Outward Bound course. We have an active committee of about eight members but are always looking to welcome more. Our President is HM Lord-Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire Hugh Duberly Esq CBE and our Vice President is Peter Carpenter, Chairman of the Kurt Hahn Trust.

We want to start a '100 Club' and need your support in order to make it happen. Details and application forms are available from the chairman.

How we help young people

We consider applications for grant aid from young people normally resident within Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and who satisfy the enrolment criteria for any of the courses offered by The Outward Bound Trust.

Contact Cambridgeshire & Peterborough OBA

Alan Stevens
Tel: 0775 3749 170
Email: Cambridgeshireandpeterborough.OBA@outwardbound.org.uk

Contact Cumbria OBA

Ted Lowthian
Tel: 07851 491796
Email: Cumbria.OBA@outwardbound.org.uk

About us

Gloucestershire Outward Bound Association was established in the early 1960's to provide support, encouragement and financial assistance to enable young people of Gloucestershire to attend an Outward Bound course.

We welcome individual members of our local community, who share our interests and values and wish to contribute to supporting our aims to join our Association.

I have always been interested in volunteering and became drawn to the OBA when I discovered the impact outdoor learning can have on young people. Since joining the committee I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of a friendly and welcoming association, where I feel my contribution is worthwhile and supports the positive impact Outward Bound can have on a young person’s life. Kelly Jefferies

We support The Outward Bound Trust by

  • Promoting the core values of The Trust
  • Working in partnership with other agencies to identify, select and support participants
  • Raising funds to support young people's attendance on courses
  • Raising awareness of the work of The Outward Bound Trust and the benefits of learning in the outdoors.

How we support young people in Gloucestershire

Our aim is to provide practical and financial support to young people aged 13-19 who live, work or are educated in Gloucestershire who, without our assistance, would not be able to benefit from a life changing Outward Bound experience. We particularly seek to support those in most need and welcome applications from individuals from socially or economically disadvantaged backgrounds or underrepresented groups within our community.

  • Gloucestershire Constabulary Bursary Scheme
  • Venture: White City
  • County Community Projects – Young Homeless Leadership Scheme


Click here to read more about Gloucestershire OBA's partnership with The Venture: White City.

Do you know young people who would benefit from an outdoor learning course?

Gloucestershire Outward Bound Association has various events, challenges, information packs and much more to assist you with any questions or queries you have about the available courses. For more information on a chance to take part in activities led by skilled instructors and to investigate typical learning outcomes for students, please contact Alan Hoar below.

We hope to see you there, however, if you wanted to contact us prior to the event you can using the following contact details:

Contact Gloucestershire OBA

Diane Lyle Chairman
Mobile: 07940548041
Email Gloucestershire.OBA@outwardbound.org.uk

About Us

Hants and the Isle of Wight OBA offer bursaries to young people aged 16 - 19 yrs old from the county to attend Outward Bound courses. The Association aims to support those who could benefit most from the opportunity and who would not be able to attend without financial assistance. We aim to help young people within the County and Portsmouth and Southampton Unitary Authorities.

Our membership consists of people who have had their own lives shaped by The Outward Bound Trust. Also a wide representation from local youth services, schools, youth organisations, the County Council Outdoor Pursuits Department, the Police and organisations and individuals who just want to provide fundraising opportunities and find young people to attend Outward Bound courses. New members welcome.

The Association aims to

  • Promote The Outward Bound Trust
  • Raise funds
  • Identify, select and support prospective participants

Contact Hampshire and Isle of Wight OBA

Mervyn Coombes MBE
Email: mcoombes@ntlworld.com

About us

We're a voluntary organisation providing financial support to young people who, without our assistance, would not be able to benefit from the Outward Bound experience. Our association is open to individuals who live, work, or have an interest, in Lancashire and who want to support the aims of Outward Bound. Outward Bound Associations always need help - to raise funds, to identify potential students and to spread the word of Outward Bound. If you're involved with a service club or charitable trust; if you're a teacher or youth worker aware of a young person who lacks purpose; if you're an employer or teacher looking for the ultimate in training facilities; or if you're a parent seeking an opportunity for your child, then the Lancashire Outward Bound Association would be delighted to hear from you.

How we help young people

We support young people between the ages of 13 and 24, who live in Lancashire.

Fundraising and Events
The 100 Club - why not join the Lancashire Outward Bound Association's 100 Club and help us to provide Outward Bound courses for young people in Lancashire. The '100' Club is made up of donations, 50% of which is given away as prizes, with 50% going to support young people. There is a monthly draw, with a special draw that takes place each December. The cost is just £2 per month and it is simple to join, all you have to do is contact our Secretary, who will send you an application form and you can pay yearly or by direct debit/Standing Order.

Contact Lancashire OBA

Steve Whitehead
Tel: 01772 764198 (day) 01253 390845 (evening)
Fax: 01772 762155
Email: Lancashire.OBA@outwardbound.org.uk

Contact Manchester OBA

John Dwan
Publicity Officer
Manchester OBA
Tel: 08432 120070
Email: Manchester.OBA@outwardbound.org.uk

Contact Nottingham OBA

Peter Sisson
Chairman Nottinghamshire OBA
Tel: 07974 986901
Email: Nottingham.OBA@outwardbound.org.uk

Contact Wakefield OBA

Bill Sutton
Tel: 01924 279 836
Email: Wakefield.OBA@outwardbound.org.uk