Your copy and paste letter for parents who don’t get Outward Bound

OK, so you've fallen in love with the idea of going on an adventure, but you're not sure you can convince the rents? ...Helps is at hand!

Cut And Paste

Dear mum and dad

I really want to go on an Outward Bound adventure this summer.

It will help me to grow my confidence, face my fears and maybe just maybe, kick my Netflix addiction (OK, I admit it).

Sounds pretty cool, right? A chance to set myself up for the future! Because I’m tired. Tired of staring at my phone (believe it or not), tired of exam stress and worrying about my grades, tired of routine. In short, I think I need an adventure.

… I know what you’re thinking. “How much will it cost”, right? But there’s plenty of time for me to save, I’ve already downloaded their fundraising pack and applied to the Adventure Fund.

I really want this but figured you may have some doubts. So here’s a quick Q&A to help you decide.

Thank you!!


Have you seen where it’s happening? It’s in the middle of nowhere…

Wander Where The Wifi Is Weak

Errr that’s kind of the point! You can’t have an adventure in our back yard, have you seen it?

The centres are close to lochs, lakes, the sea and the mountains, for a reason. So you get that whole “let’s wander where the wifi is weak” kind of vibe.

AND if you’re worried about getting me there, there’s a free coach transfer with pick-up points from Manchester or Birmingham to Aberdovey*

*Other centres and pick-up points are available.

Haven’t you done this kind of thing before?

Not like this. The opportunity to explore super wild places is totally different.

It’ll blow any school trip, camp or expedition I’ve been on out the water! Especially if I can go on the 19-day course. 1F609

I’ll also get to enjoy it with people from all over the place, including other countries. It’ll be a chance to talk face-to-face with people my age and make new friends.

Is it really that different?

It genuinely is! They've been around for like 80 years and use the outdoors to teach like no one else. All so they can show people like me what I’m capable of.

There’s also all that other stuff like exploring, hiking, multi-pitch climbing, sailing, star gazing, camping, and beach barbecues, which I’d really like to do.* That’s adventure nailed right there.

And where else will I get the opportunity to meet instructors like theirs? They’re super inspiring with loads of experience and one dude even went on an expedition to the South Pole last winter!

*Activities depend which centre I can go to *ahem* Aberdovey *ahem*.

Remember all those headlines you read that said young people's mental health could be getting worse?

Well, adventure is the cure! At Outward Bound I can take a break from the stress of school, have some time out from checking my phone, improve my fitness and learn new skills. It’s a no brainier!

Ok… How much did you say it costs?

A 7-day course is £549 and 19-day’s is £1,699. I’ve already started saving and have lots of fundraising ideas too. The price includes accommodation, bedding, meals, kit, equipment, a free coach transfer and even a badge and certificate at the end. You can check out the courses dates here.

But remember, it’s more than that. It’s about resilience, courage, curiosity, communication, friendship, responsibility and self-belief. Skills for life, that you can’t really put a price on, can you?

What did people from 2018 think of Outward Bound?

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Outward Bound summer adventures take place during the summer holidays. There are still some places left for 2019, but they’re running out fast!

You can check out all the available courses and dates here.