Bonding with pupils when planning a residential

Before going on a residential, as well as getting ready and organised for the trip, pupils need to be prepared mentally. Building relationships and getting to know your pupils beforehand will help them make the most of the learning experience.

Our tips to help you build strong relationships with pupils before a residential...

1. Share your vision

Start with the end in mind and know the outcomes you are looking to achieve – such as team work, increased confidence, self-belief or engagement. Communicate this to pupils so they know what they'll get out of their course. 


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2. Communicate widely

Having full communication during the planning process will give pupils the opportunity to feel involved. Ensure your pupils needs are communicated and your vision is understood by all. 

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3. Recruit pupils early

Think about which pupils you want to involve as early as possible, and why. Speak to other teachers and gather interest. Plan how to get to know each pupil well before the course begins.

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4. Align everyone's expectations

Connect pupils, parents, your staff team and the senior leadership team with your aims, outcomes and the benefits. This is a journey everyone should go on together.

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5. Amplify the learning

Organise events before the residential to excite your pupils, further connect the learning back into school, and boost the bond between teachers and pupils. This could be done through assembles and lessons.

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At Outward Bound...

We work with schools to enable pupils take ownership of their experience, to understand the process and what they’ve contributed to the team. We know this has a profound impact on self-awareness, confidence and the potential to learn new and lasting skills. 

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